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Line Marking

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Line marking can be used for a variety of purposes. However, it is typically used in order to make workers or the general public aware of boundaries in certain environments. A line marking system can be used to alert people to potential hazards, while also clearly identifying areas for specific purposes.

Choosing a Line Marking System

Dr. Floors provides a large range of line marking solutions that can be applied to many different services under nearly any condition. However, before you choose a line marking solution, there are a few questions that you should consider.

Factors that are important include whether or not the area will experience heavy traffic, be exposed to wet conditions and have hazardous conditions nearby. Additionally, the type of service and whether the area is indoors or outdoors will determine the best solution for your needs.

Here are some of the most common types of line marking available:

Zebra Crossings

This type of road line marking is used to indicate where pedestrian and vehicle paths cross. Zebra crossings have a high visual impact and are easily interpreted by both pedestrians and drivers.

Hatched Boxes and Areas

If there is an area that should be cleared at all times, such as fire exits or doorways in facilities, hatched boxes and areas ensure that these areas always remain clear of potential hazards.

Drive Through Hatches

Drive through hatches are a type of line marking that help to reduce the risk of serious accidents when they are combined with signs and reflective dome mirrors.

Safety Edging

Safety edging defines areas where the floor or stairs can move or are elevated, including lifts, movable platforms, and ramps.

Marking Specific Areas With Colours

In the marking of specific areas, whether for vehicles, loading or other purposes, having a clearly defined area will ensure that others understand what these areas are for. There are several recommended colors for line marking:

  • Red. Red is intended to show prohibition and is also used to identify emergency shutdown devices. It should be contrasted with white for maximum visibility.
  • Yellow. Yellow shows where there are hazards and provide warning identification to indicate that there are dangerous passages and obstacles ahead. It should be used in areas where there is a risk of fire, explosion, radiation, chemicals or similar hazards. Yellow should be contrasted with black for maximum visibility.
  • Blue. Blue indicates where a mandatory action should take place, such as the requirement to wear personal safety equipment. Use this color in conjunction with white for maximum visibility.
  • Green. Green indicates safe conditions or emergency service areas, such as safety showers, first-aid posts, and rescue points.

Why Use Line Marking

Generally, any site that is used for vehicle parking or open storage should have line marking applied if it is an area in the workplace. Additionally, car parks also meet the same requirements. For pedestrian areas, line marking helps to control the flow of traffic and keeps people out of dangerous or restricted areas.

In car park areas, line marking isn’t only for pedestrians and vehicles, you must also consider the fact that you need to provide suitable parking accommodations for people with disabilities. Every car park is required by law to provide spaces for disabled persons and line marking ensures that these spaces are clearly advertised so that they will not be used by ineligible car park users.

Ultimately, the goal should be to maintain a safe environment for anyone who accesses an area, whether it is closed or open to the public. Whether your line marking needs are temporary or permanent, Dr.Floors, we can help you put together a safe, clear, and complete line marking solution that can last for as long as you need it to.

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