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Industrial facilities in Australia are required to adhere to Australian standards and the food industry is no exception. Because of the products that these companies produce are under closer scrutiny by regulators than some other industries.

The Risks of Untreated Concrete Flooring

In food plants, where cleanliness is top-priority, it is non-negotiable that floors must be covered with a protective coating system to ensure that the floor is hygienic. The floor of a food processing facility may be exposed to all sorts of food byproducts, including food acids, sugar solutions, blood, hot oil, and fats.

As a result, these substances have the potential to cause major damage to concrete because they are corrosive in nature. In addition, these substances also have the potential to infiltrate the uncoated concrete, which will facilitate the growth of bacteria, ultimately resulting in unsanitary conditions.

The solution to these problems is to instead use an industrial flooring solution that will provide a protective barrier, preventing contaminants from damaging the concrete surface of the floor. However, not just any flooring system will do. Processors of foodstuffs must also consider the conditions of the plant areas, such as cold storage rooms, dry storage areas, as well as, canning, mixing, and slaughtering areas.

Epoxy Flooring

Council regulations for food flooring have approved a broad range of epoxy flooring systems for food industrial facilities. Epoxies are permitted to be blended with marble and quartz, especially in non-processing areas, such as an entryway or lobby. These coatings are generally applied using a trowel or two-component system. There are a large number of texture and color that are available when creating non-slip or skid-resistant floors.

High-solid epoxies are preferred for food industrial facilities because they provide exceptional protection against alkalis and acids. High-solid epoxy flooring systems also come with many important benefits, including:

  • Exceptional adhesion

  • The ability to withstand abrasive cleaning procedures and cleaning chemicals

  • Fast-curing properties which help to minimise downtime for your facility

  • Compatibility with additives designed to make your floor textured or anti-slip

  • Low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane flooring systems are an excellent choice when your facility requires flooring that is impact resistant, tough and flexible. All polyurethane flooring has the added benefit of being formulated with no VOCs. They also have no odour and dry in under 1 minute. These coatings are especially preferred for food processing areas because they can withstand temperatures below freezing and as high as 121° C.

In addition, polyurethane flooring systems are ideal for covering concrete, which tends to be prone to cracking. It can stretch and cover gaps. While other more rigid coatings have a tendency to crack under extreme temperature conditions, polyurethane flooring is highly resistant to these concerns.

Dr. Floors Food Industrial Flooring

At Dr. Floors, we offer a variety of industrial flooring systems to meet these various facility conditions. Dr. Floors has provided food industrial flooring for a variety of facilities, including dairy, meat, bakery, wine/produce, deli, and waste detail facilities. As a result, our industrial flooring is available in many formulations.

When you choose a flooring system from Dr. Floors, we can deliver a solution that will help to convey a clean, positive image for your business while also helping to ensure that your business’ flooring can meet Australian standards. As a result, Dr. Floors can provide flooring that creates a safe and productive environment for you to conduct your business.

Dr. Floors 7-Year Warranty

Our flooring systems also come with a 7-year warranty to help ensure that you are covered in case of wear and tear. With proper maintenance, we guarantee that your investment in new flooring from Dr. Floors will last for years to come.

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