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There are many reasons for installing floor coving in a business and industrial setting. Floor coving is available in a wide range of profiles and is ideal for both wet and dry usage areas. In addition, no specialised equipment is required in order to clean it.

However, is floor coving right for your business? Here is a quick overview of the benefits of floor coving and why you should consider installing it in your industrial food processing facility.

Why Use Floor Coving?

Any area where the floor meets the wall in an industrial or company facility becomes extremely difficult to clean. This is especially true for food processing plants, give that 90-degree corners are prone to bacterial contamination.

As a part of a finished polyurethane or epoxy flooring system, floor coving resolves these issues by covering the abutments in a room, such as walls or columns, thus creating a seamless and impermeable transition from the floor to the wall. The result is a surface that can be easily cleaned, so that dirt and germs no longer have a place to hide.

Benefits of Floor Coving

In addition to helping you meet Australian standards for the cleanliness of your facility, coving offers the following benefits:

  • They can be custom-built on new or existing floors

  • They can be designed from urethane cove mortar to match the colour of your existing flooring system

  • They are highly durable and impact-resistance

  • They will never flake or peel

  • It protects abutments and your walls from impact, chemical attack, and vigorous cleaning

Floor coving also has aesthetic benefits. It can add an attractive finish to room thanks to the fact that it can be used to hide imperfections that may appear at the junction between the wall and floor, such as holes and cracks. By covering these areas with coving, you can create a more polished look for a work or public-facing area with a solution that is easy to clean and designed to last.

Coving Requirements

Depending on the type of facility that you have, the coving height and placement requirements may differ. For example, meat processing facilities generally use higher coving in order to prevent damage to walls. For food facilities, coving may be installed behind food preparation areas and cooking areas to make these areas easier to clean.

Our Process

Dr.Floors is a leading floor coving supplier specialising in turnkey solutions for a variety of facility types. If you need a custom solution for your business, we can provide flooring coving as a custom solution or as a part of a complete indoor flooring system.

To help you select the right floor coving solution for your floors, we’ll work with you to suggest floor coving that suits your usage of your facility. Our professionals will then employ their knowledge, experience, and skills to install a long-lasting floor coving solution.

Dr.Floors Flooring Experience

For over 15 years, Dr. Floors has been one of Australia’s leading floor coving suppliers. Our expertise also lies in epoxy and polyurethane flooring, pothole repairs, asphalt paving and sealing. You can always be confident that our wear and tear guaranteed floor systems will work as promised.

We have taken care of non-slippery, safety epoxy and polyurethane flooring areas at Australia’s number one supermarkets in Victoria and Tasmania and we have also installed floor coving for companies nationwide. Our skilled professionals have been working closely with the Australian companies for many years with their products.

Request a Floor Coving Quote From Dr. Floors

If you require floor coving services for your business, Dr. Floors is here to help. We can provide a prompt quote and installation services to ensure that there is as little disruption to your business as possible. Furthermore, we guarantee all labour to ensure that your floor coving lasts for years to come. To request a quote, contact us today on (03) 9357 9358 or send an email to floors@doctorfloors.com.